Understanding the Role of Your Utility Companies


On a particularly cold day in the middle of winter Mrs. Smith noticed that her heater was not cycling on. She turned the thermostat up but nothing happened. Beginning to worry as the outside temperature drops, she remembered an advertisement for a heating company that she found wedged in her screen door a few days before. She called and a concerned repairman soon arrived. After a quick look at her heating unit, he informed Mrs. Smith that it was leaking carbon monoxide and was beyond repair. With great concern, he tells her that she is in immediate danger of fatal suffocation if the unit is not replaced. Frightened, Mrs. Smith signed an emergency waiver and wrote a check while the repairman arranged by phone for the immediate delivery of a new unit for installation.


For Information or to Schedule a Service:

The Gas Company can be reached at 1-800-427-2200

Southern California Edison's number is 1-800-655-4555


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