Palm Springs, CA: The Mizell Senior Center has had two reports of an attorney calling senior citizens and trying to persuade them to have their wills and living trusts altered. The attorney, who identified herself as Randle, is alleging that a change in the IRS Tax code makes it necessary to have new signatures for existing documents such as wills or living trusts.

The attorney states that she has an associate that will be in the area and can drop by their home and make the changes for them. She says that they are working with local senior centers on this project. she is very persuasive, asks if the documents are at their home, and insists that this needs to be done right away. when one of the potential victims asked if she should call her attorney, she was told that they did not need to be involved.

The attorney gave a return phone number with a 209 area code that has been disconnected and did not give the name of the firm. According to the State Bar, it is illegal for attorneys to solicit business in this manner.

Anybody receiving a phone call from this person should not give out any information.

Visit the California State Bar website at http://www.calbar.org or call at these numbers:

Main Number in Southern California is (213) 765-1000

Membership Records/Member Status:  (415) 538-2577
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