SCAM ALERT Insurance Scam

We have heard that it is becoming a more wide-spread practice for persons who sell
insurance and annuities to represent themselves as a "non-profit" to gain entrance into
the homes and confidence of seniors. We understand that these individuals and companies say they want to "educate" the consumer, but their ultimate goal is the sale of insurance products.

BEWARE> According to the California Department of Insurance any and every "prospect" or customer of insurance products must, by law, be told up front by agents and brokers that they sell insurance and they need to provide their license number on all materials that they hand out - even if the content of the materials is "educational".  Not providing the proper disclosure information would be considered by the California Department of Insurance as a "deceptive practice".

If you have any questions about individuals or organizations who offer to help in some way but you think might actually be trying to sell insurance policies or annuities, contact the California Department of Insurance at 1-800-927-HELP or through their website at .

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