SCAM ALERT Home Care Fraud


Samuel, a 67 year old man, was scheduled for major surgery and would be bedridden for some time. His son, Gary, promised to help care for his father while he was recovering and to take care of Samuelís finances as well. He soon asked his father to sign some bank documents. Not wanting to upset Gary, who had a violent temper and a history of drug abuse, Samuel signed the documents. Two months later, when Samuelís daughter came to visit, she discovered her father alone and recovering poorly. There was little food in the house, Samuel had not been bathed nor his clothes changed in quite some time, and there was a pile of unpaid bills on the counter. Bank statements showed that Samuelís savings were gone and neighbors had not seen or heard from Gary in over two weeks.


To report an abusive situation in Riverside County, call:

Adult Protective Services  at 1-800-491-7123
Public Guardian at (909)341-6440
Long Term Care Ombudsman at (909)686-4402


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