Through unexpected illness or injury, or some other unforeseen event.......we can, all of a sudden, find ourselves starting over as a parent again!





Vital Connections is a program of the Partnership to Preserve Independent Living




WarmLine is There to Help!

Certainly the times have changed since we raised our own family, but there are many more complications to assuming this new parenting role:

  • The children can be experiencing an emotional crisis

  • There is added financial responsibility

  • Practical obstacles, like food, clothing, and school

  • Legal and custody issues

  • Medical services

  • Not knowing where to go to get advice or a helping hand!

The Grandparents Program of the Riverside County Department of Public Social Services, which is called "WarmLine", can help...........People living in Riverside County can CALL WARMLINE at 1-800-303-0001 for the following services:

  • Referrals to free / low cost legal service

  • Referrals to free / low cost childcare providers

  • Referrals to food and clothing assistance

  • Referrals to guardianship, adoption and / or foster care services

  • Referrals to organizations addressing the educational needs of the child

  • Referrals for psychological assistance

  • Referrals to medical organizations

  • Referrals to parenting classes

  • Referrals to other public or private social service organizations

  • ..................and more!

From anywhere in Riverside County, it is a toll free phone call to get answers to your questions about raising your grandchildren ..1-800-303-0001  WarmLine


..........ALSO, for information and referrals for SENIOR SERVICES of all kinds, don't forget HelpLink at 
Riverside County Office on Aging .....toll free from anywhere in Riverside County....1-800-510-2020 !




Foundation for Grandparenting

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A place where "grandparents and special others" raising children can get lots of answers to their questions and enjoy the support and comfort of others across the country!