Adapted from the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology by Laine Waggoner, MA, MS 


An effective screening tool for all ages. Try this to see how you score !

 Do you feel handicapped by a hearing problem which causes you to:

_____1.    Feel embarrassed when meeting new people?

_____2.   Feel frustrated when talking to people?

_____3.   Have difficulty hearing someone speaking in a whisper?

_____4.   Have difficulty when visiting friends, relatives or neighbors?

_____5.   Have difficulty at movies, the theater, religious services or in school?

_____6.   Have arguments with family members?

_____7.   Have difficulty when listening to TV or radio?

_____8.   Limit or hamper your personal or social life?

_____9.   Have difficulty when in a restaurant, party or other noisy place? 

A “Yes” response = 4 points. “Sometimes” = 2 points. “No” = 0 points.  A score in excess of 10 suggests a need for referral to a hearing health care provider. Patients should consult a physician (an otologist or otolaryngologist-ENT) who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the ear. Then, see a licensed audiologist or licensed hearing instrument specialist for a hearing evaluation which produces an audiogram.   

Everyone should be screened periodically for hearing loss, especially anyone who answers “yes” to any question on this test, as well as all those over 50 years of age and those with heart disease, AIDS, kidney ailments, diabetes mellitus, ototoxic drug use and/or excessive exposure to noise. Screen children every year, especially high-risk children.

Laine Waggoner is the Director of HEAR (Hearing-loss Education And Relationships), which conducts support groups, facilitates seminars, and provides private coaching for individuals who are experiencing hearing loss.  Email:

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