by August Roy Fernandez, audiologist


Your custom hearing aids should be cleaned daily. Ideally, you should use a dry tissue or a soft cloth. When not being worn, always store your hearing aids inside their hard case, or at least the soft carrying pouch, which is usually supplied when you purchase your custom hearing aids. Always store your aids in a dry location at room temperature when you are not wearing them.

If you perspire heavily, or live in an area of high humidity, you may need to store your aids in a dehumidifying kit to prevent the electronics from becoming saturated when not in use. There are many brands of kits available and your Hearing Care Professional can provide you with one that is suitable. Always make sure to remove the battery before placing your aids into a dehumidifier.

Routine cleaning of the internal passages (i.e. vent and/or receiver port) is also beneficial to ensure that earwax (also called cerumen) does not accumulate in those places. A wax cleaning brush should have been provided with your aids. Your Hearing Care Professional can provide you with specific cleaning and care instructions that pertain to you and your custom hearing instruments.

August Roy Hernandez, MA-FAAA has been an Educational Specialist and trainer for Siemens Hearing Instruments for the past six years. Prior to Siemens, August worked in multiple private practice and hospital settings providing diagnostic services and audiologic rehabilitation for hearing impaired individuals.



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