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Make Vital Connections your Homepage


Vital Connections is a program of the Partnership to Preserve Independent Living

Make Vital Connections your Homepage



Computer Virsus

Description of some of the warning about devestating new virsus, Trojans that eat the heart out of your system, and malicious software that can steal the computer right off your desk, messages about free money, children in trouble, and other items designed to grab you and get you to forward what's real and what's not!

Internet 101

Internet 101 was created for those who want to know just the basics. This guide will provide you with enough knowledge to have fun on the Internet, yet will not bore you with too many details. Think of this as a set of instructions ...for people who don't like to read instructions! 

McAfee Virus Information Library

More than 53,000 virus threats exist today. The McAfee AVERT
Virus Information Library has detailed information on where
viruses come from, how they infect your system, and how to
remove them. 

Urban Legends: Current Computer Hoaxes

If there is a strange rumor going around, this is the place to go to find out if it is true or just another hoax. Up-do-date listings of current Internet hoaxes, rumors, and other digital lies.

Internet ScamBusters

Find out what's a scam and what is not, which virus scares are real, how to stop SPAM from flooding your mailbox, how to protect yourself from on-line fraud and more......

Spam Cop

SpamCop helps you punish spammers for sending you their junk mail. This service is free. Often, spammers lose their accounts and even get charged "cleanup fees" by their internet providers. Unfortunately, life is still too easy for the spammer. They sign up with new accounts as fast as we shut them down. By reporting spam, you can help to turn the tide - and hopefully cause spammers some pain in the process. SpamCop makes this otherwise slow and technical task quick and easy.

Blindness Support Services

Computer lab and training located in Riverside, California.  Read article on Assistive Technology Software Programs.

About One Hand Typing

Learn to type, keyboard and use a computer with the speed of a professional, or just for fun, with only one hand, with, or without adaptive equipment. If you are temporarily able or have a disability caused by amputation, birth defect, stroke, brain injury, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or other, One Hand Typing offers ideas, insights, inspiration, and insider assistance to excel with single handed issues, especially keyboarding and typing.