Job search is a systematic approach to landing the job you want to do at this point in your life.  Organizing all the pertinent work and education-related information about you is a crucial first step towards landing that job.  Itís a good idea to place all this valuable and reusable information in a folder, which is easily carried from interview to interview and a great safe keeping location.  Here is a checklist of what should be kept in the folder: 


1.   A copy of your Social Security card

2.   A copy of your driverís license or identification card,

3.   A list of three references including names, addresses and phone  numbers,

4.   Completed application information including current addresses for the past five years, school addresses and phone numbers, current and former employers addresses and phone numbers

5.   A completed cover letter

6.   A completed resume

7.   A completed thank-you letter.


Being organized will help calm your demeanor before an interview, assist you in the application process, and will present a positive picture to employers and their staff about the kind of worker you are. 


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The BSS Job Club: 

Blindness Support Services, a nonprofit agency designed to make a difference in the lives of the blind and visually impaired community by promoting independence and increasing quality of life.   The path to independence is achieved through attendance in assorted courses such as adaptive technology, independent living skills, orientation and mobility, and pre-employment training. Securing employment is the final process of achieving independence. 

The Job Club is a resource center, which houses a computer equipped with JAWS for Windows, and the Internet, a closed-circuit television (CCTV), research and study material, phone lines to place calls to employers, a video camera, television and video recorder to show student interviews, and two instructors who provide hands-on individual or group assistance whether it is a ride to an interview or coaching on interview questions. 

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