Assistive Technology Lab At Blindness Support Services

The Assistive Technology lab provides instruction in the use of the personal computer to blind and visually impaired people. A set of applications including software speech synthesizing screen readers, magnification and Optical Character Recognition scanning reading programs are standard.

The lab focuses on individualism and sensitivity for each personís goal achievement and barrier surmounting. Typing is taught using typing tapes created by the Braille Institute.

People work in the Windows environment both online and offline. When online a screen reader reorganizes text into a column and reads while identifying hyperlinks. Graphics are removed in the reformat process.

All operations occur in the manner bounded by Windows program design and most are determined as accessible. The lab provides process sequence methodology as well as numerical methods in the Microsoft Excel program.

Construction of hardware systems as well as use and configuration of software systems are taught within a curriculum ranging from 240 - 522 hours.

For more information, send a brief E-mail to and I will assist as possible. ~Jon-Paul  / Blindness Support Services, Inc.,  Rehab. Technology Division

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