A not-for-profit corporation serving the needs of blind and visually impaired persons.  We seek to meet the needs of our citizens to enable them to be independent, contributing members of their community; understanding that the social and emotional costs of loss of independence are even higher than the economic cost of dependency.

The mission of the agency is to provide a community based focal point which makes a difference in the lives of blind and visually impaired persons by providing vital skills which help increase employment, independence, productivity and quality of life.



BSS is a consumer based agency with a Board of Directors, staff and volunteers comprised primarily of persons with visual impairment who serve as role models and leaders.

How to Contact Us:

Administration: (909) 341-9244

Transportation Center:  (909) 341-8025

Computer Lab: (909) 341-6333

Employment Division: (909) 341-0232  or  (909) 341-6334

Independent Living: (909) 637-9913

Health Access: (909) 715-2655   or  (909) 715-2656

Fax:     (909) 341-6335

E-Mail:      BSS111@pacbell.net

Location and Mailing Address:  

3696 Beatty Drive, Suite A

Riverside, CA 92506

Services Include:

Health Informational Classes  (Student participation, interest and feedback determine class topics). 

One-0n-One Sessions with a licensed Physician's Assistant

Physician Referrals

Insurance Information (Answers to the many confusing issues surrounding Medi-Cal and Medicare)

Optical Devices Loaner Program

Exercise Classes

Braille, Large Print and Audiocassette Resource Library

For more information, call:

 (909) 715-2655 or (909) 341-8355  

or  Email      BSSHealth@aol.com

Funded by The California Endowment

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